Abi Harrison


My Clips

3 stars
Google Mom

Abi Harrison uses google to help her with parenting decisions.

3 stars
Dog Hair Sweater

Abi Harrison loves her dog.

3 stars
Wanting to Get Felt up

Abi Harrison has fun with her girl friends.

4 stars
Gay Husband

Abi Harrison's husband is not gay.

3 stars
5 stars
Hometown Pride

Abi Harrison is taking pride in her hometown. That's pretty easy to do, unless you live in Fresno er somethin.

5 stars
Baby Strokes

Abi Harrison makes a good point about baby strokes.

3 stars
Victorian Era Perverts

Abi Harrison calls out some pervy Victorians.

5 stars
Plant Sex

Abi Harrison exposes botanists for the perverts they are.

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