Ian Salmon started his comedy career in 1993 and has been getting the job done ever since. His stand-up material remains fresh through is his ability to create new material for his unique perspective of the world around him!

The Jamaican native's hard work and talent have taken him all over the world, including such places like Amsterdam, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Okinawa, Jamaica, Bahamas and Belgium. He has also entertained the troops at many of these locations. Ian continues to make a name for himself.

Ian recently moved to Los Angeles, CA a very thought out and calculated moved that took many years of planning, in the very short time Ian has been in LA he has won or placed high in standup comedy contests , he has also taped the very popular Comedy Time Network standup comedy show, he has even jumped head first into acting, executing a small roll in a motion picture to hit the big screen in 2010 staring Ving Rhames "Barry Minkow." Ian has several featured background spots on TV shows like The Forgotten, Southland and House. Ian also has a new DVD titled "It's My Game Now" a fitting title!

Ian Salmon

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