Stand Up Comedian, Writer, Wiffleball Enthusiast, Former Virgin.

Jake Head is a young comic/writer that is making waves in the comedy scene with his dark and witty style. He draws audiences in with his sincere likability and then takes them on a ride through his world of gay dogs and space sex. Jake was top 10 in Comedy Centrals South Beach Comedy Festival, Semi Finalist in Florida's Funniest Comedian, he was performed from Seattle to Miami and shared the stage with Greg Proops, Bobcat Goldthwait, Jackie Kashian, and Jarrod Harris. An act not to be missed for years to come.

“Jake was awesome. His dark shit is some of the brightest out there. He has huge balls. Figuratively. I wasn't looking at his balls or anything.”

"Jake Head is a stand up virtuoso. He knows all the rules of comedy and is exponentially funnier because he breaks them as often as possible."

Jake Head

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3 stars
Camel Cash

Jake Head could close his eyes and point to whatever he wanted and it would be his.

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5 stars
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4 stars
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