Comedian. Filmmaker. Former child model. Jeremy Randall Johnston has become a rising young star of Cincinnati's comedy scene, thanks in no small part to his deadpan delivery and twisted wit. A lifelong comedy fan whose struggles with social anxiety made performing a near-impossibility, Jeremy decided to push past his fears and follow his dream after watching comedian and director's Mike Birbiglia's autobiographical film, "Sleepwalk With Me." Jeremy aims to find success as both a comedian and a director, writing and directing short films like "The New Me," which was featured at the 2013 Flick My Clip comedic film festival. He also recently advanced to the semi-finals of Go Bananas' annual Funniest Person in Cincinnati Contest, proving once again that audiences love comedians who used to be photogenic toddlers.

Jeremy Randall Johnston

My Clips

5 stars
I Wrote A Letter

Jeremy Randall Johnston recently wrote a strongly worded letter to the KKK.

4 stars
Took a Black Girl to a Waterpark

Jeremy Johnston takes a date to Soak City.

3 stars
Peanut Butter Treat

Jeremy Johnston likes to give his dog a special treat.

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