Kevin Jones does not trust the government.

Kevin Jones is a stand-up comedian, with a knack for having success in front of rural or urban audiences alike.

Kevin Jones is overweight and under-sexed, he manages to voyage from the depths of the trailer park to the big city lights of Cincinnati Ohio and other far away places (for him anyways) to perform shows for unsuspecting crowds with his unique world perspective and self deprecating humor. Whether talking about the "Peter Eclipse" (his stomach) or pondering why he was never molested as a child, you are sure to get a laugh out of the kind hearted kid from the small town of Aberdeen, Ohio.

Kevin Jones.


Kevin Jones.

Kevin Jones is not Mike Jones.

Kevin Jones stand for the truth, justice, and apple pie.

Kevin Jones is your friend.

Kevin Jones

My Clips

4 stars
Shark Week Conspiracy

Call Alex Jones, we've got another government cover-up.

5 stars
Super Chumley

I know what you're thinking...

5 stars
3 stars
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
Donating Hair

Donating hair can be selfless and also disgusting.

5 stars
Love at a Distance

Long distance relationships can be hard.

4 stars
Biggest Loser

Kevin Jones knows who the real Biggest Losers are.

4 stars
Baseball and relationships

Sometimes, Kevin Jones' relationships are like baseball. And sometimes, they aren't.

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