America is falling in love with Maryellen Hooper...and it's easy to see why. With her unique brand of storytelling and quirky physical humor, she's one of comedy's brightest stars.

Maryellen was named Best Female Stand-Up at the 12th Annual American Comedy Awards - stand-up's highest honor. She has performed at the prestigious Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. Her numerous television and radio appearances include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno; Lifetime's Girl's Night Out; A&E's Evening at the Improv; and her own Comedy Central Lounge Lizards special.

Maryellen Hooper

My Clips

3 stars
Translating for Grandma

Maryellen Hooper filters Grandma's conversation.

5 stars
Mommy's Gross-out Factor

Maryellen Hooper understands the gross-out factor changes when you have kids.

5 stars
When Daddy Goes to Work

Maryellen Hooper knows how hard it is to be an under appreciated mom.

5 stars
Earth Mother or Drunk Mother?

Maryellen Hooper struggles to be a good mom.

5 stars
The Thing About Cloth Diapers...

Maryellen Hooper agrees cloth diapers are better in theory than practice.

3 stars
Compost Parenting

Maryellen Hooper would like to be a "green" mom.

5 stars
Bathroom Time is 'Me Time'

Maryellen Hooper gets harassed in the bathroom.

5 stars
Adopted Mentality

Maryellen Hooper talks about her child with little resemblance.

4 stars
3 stars
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