When it comes to comedy, Mike Cronin does it all: stand up, writing, improv, film, and sketches. Even some of his characters do stand up. In fact, recently he made it to the finals of the Funniest Person In Cincinnati Contest as himself and also a character. In the stand up world, he appeared in the first ever Limestone Comedy Festival. In the sketch/improv world he was a cast member of the show Underbelly which was named Cincinnati's Best Comedy Show of 2009 and spawned shows in New York and LA. Mike's film work includes three award-winning 48 Hour Film Festival projects and co-writing/directing /starring in a music video for "The Hipster Song," which has over 800,000 views on YouTube. No matter which way you see Mike Cronin, you will leave laughing.

Mike Cronin


My Clips

5 stars
Box Of Condoms And Dog Treats

Mike Cronin has a big night planned.

5 stars
Ordering Wussy Drinks

Mike Cronin won't drink it unless it has a little umbrella in it and it smells like "yummies."

3 stars
Group Drinking

Mike Cronin gets a ticket for being too cool.

3 stars
Getting Fit

Mike Cronin auditions for The Thunder Down under. Nice moves, Mike!

1 stars
Hank Cunderham Reads The News

Mike Cronin moonlights as a salty news anchor, Hank Cunderham.

3 stars
Funny Shirt

Mike Cronin has a favorite shirt that confuses his parents.

2 stars
Gramps Croaked

Mike Cronin found out his grandpa died through a text message.

3 stars

Mike Cronin likes to wrestle.

3 stars
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