Patrick Keane is a comedian based out of Los Angeles, CA.

Patrick Keane

My Clips

3 stars
Moms are More Vital

Patrick Keane is ready to party with all the willing moms out there.

3 stars
Started Dating

Patrick Keane gets his dating advice from his grandmother.

3 stars
Debt to China

Patrick Keane has a solution for international debt. Surrender.

5 stars
Bad Irish Accent

Patrick Keane went to Ireland and became a hero.

5 stars
Food and Drug Addiction

Patrick Keane is fiending for that sweet goodness.

4 stars
Pain is Temporary

Patrick Keane knows you won't earn any medals if your Mom is a trophy wife.

5 stars
Can't Have Kids

Patrick Keane is taking family planning advice from his bank.

3 stars
Dating Online

Patrick Keane takes a blurry trip down memory lane.

3 stars
Meeting People At Bars

Patrick Keane connects with college women in many ways. Some more legal than others.

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