Shannon Thompson is no lightweight when it comes to comedy. With his brothel-sized vocabulary and rye (wry) sense of irony, he slays audiences like a modern day Samurai after a drunken binge. Shannon has used his unique perspective on life, not to mention his unusual experiences, to create a comedic prose like no other. As a child Shannon would spend countless hours engaged in swearing contests with the other neighborhood children, and was almost always victorious. This naturally led to a budding interest in humor, and eventually stand up comedy. He has performed in all the leading comedy venues across the country including: The Skyline Comedy Cafe, JD's Comedy Cafe and many others. He is also a founding member of the comedy troupe, Intellectual Delinquents.

Shannon Thompson

My Clips

5 stars
Real Drinking Problem

Shannon Thompson has powerful service announcement that NBC will probably not turn into a "The More You Know," but you should still listen.

5 stars
Cpap and Sex

Shannon Thompson explains how to feel like a champion today!

5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
Kinky Apnea

A sexual fantasy you never knew you had.

5 stars
A Raping!

Another Short Clip From Comedian Shannon Thompson

5 stars
UFC Style Sex

A short clip from Shannon Thompson at Comedy On State Street in Madison, WI

5 stars
A short clip from Wisconsin Rapids.

I hate nipples. At least when they are attached to a stripper.

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