The Onion AV Club refers to Stefan Davis’ act as “conversational” which is good because that means he is a human. Stefan has performed for the 2012 San Francisco International Comedy Competition, the 2011 Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in Atlanta, GA as well as the 2011 Laughing Stock Comedy Festival in Salt Lake City, UT. He can be seen on Comcast’s “Who’s Laughing Now?” and Comcast’s “Trial By Laughter.” Stefan can be heard on Pandora, 24/7 Comedy, and XM Sirius Satellite Radio. He does the dishes after every meal, says “please” and “thank you,” and calls his mother every week.

Stefan Davis

My Clips

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3 stars
3 stars
Questions from my Kid

Stefan Davis is starting to realize that these damn kids just grow up too fast.

3 stars
My Weird Child

Stefan Davis must understand that weirdness is genetic and he needs only to look in the mirror to find the answers to his child's strange questions.

3 stars
Teaching My Kid to Shower

Stefan Davis is going to raise one kid you'll want to avoid in the locker room.

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