Guest Editor : Arzo Nazamy


Arzo Nazamy

Born in Afghanistan, raised in New York City and currently residing in San Francisco, Arzo Nazamy from Bravo TV's "Shear Genius" has a strong edge and understands that hairstyles shouldn’t be generic decorations. She is an all encompassing professional whose experience includes platform education, traditional hairdressing and editorial work. Arzo has styled the likes of Rose McGowan and Ally Hilfiger. Editorially she has worked with clients that include Bed Bath & Beyond, MTV and Hood Star Magazine. Arzo has owned and operated Vogue Hair Studio in Pleasanton, California for fifteen years.

Racist haircut * CELEB PICK
Racist haircut (01:26)
David Huntsberger

No justice. No peace.

The bowl cut * CELEB PICK
The bowl cut (00:46)
Jordan Chyzowski

Bowl cuts were cool for one reason. To be Dumb and Dumber….and Dummiest.

Kate's reverse mullet * CELEB PICK
Kate's reverse mullet (00:31)
Theo Von

A.K.A. A layered bob. Sellout.

Thinning out on top * CELEB PICK
Thinning out on top (00:35)
Matt Fulchiron

Bald or bust. Seriously, just let it go.

Bad haircut * CELEB PICK
Bad haircut (00:41)
Dennis Sheehe

You look so good, you make it look bad.

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