Guest Editor : Charlie Sotelo


Charlie Sotelo

Charlie Sotelo programs the comedy showcases for the South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX. He began working with the Film Festival in 1999 before moving over to handle comedy. This is the third year of comedy at SXSW. Visit SXSW on the web.

Athletes and their stupid ads * CELEB PICK
Athletes and their stupid ads (00:58)
Hannibal Buress

I love Hannibal Buress and I love a good math joke.

Unicorn smear campaign * CELEB PICK
Unicorn smear campaign (01:20)
John Ramsey

John Ramsey is from Austin, TX which, coincidentally, is the unicorn capitol of the world

Paycheck to paycheck * CELEB PICK
Paycheck to paycheck (00:36)
Lucas Molandes

Lucas Molandes is also from Austin, TX. If he could afford his own airplane, I'm sure he'd fly it into an IRS building. Here's his plan to get out of debt -- let's just hope it doesn't work.

Underage drinking secret * CELEB PICK
Underage drinking secret (00:49)
Ruby Collins

I've tried this and It doesn't work. But it's funny (the joke, not trying it.)

Jay Leno interviews * CELEB PICK
Jay Leno interviews (01:11)
Andy Kindler

Andy Kindler watches Jay Leno so that the rest of us don't have to. God bless you Andy.

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