Guest Editor : Dana Buchwald


Dana Buchwald

Dana Buchwald (founder, producer, host of “Women Stand Up! A Comedy Cabaret) has recently teamed up with IFP Minnesota to create “Women Stand Up and Shoot,” a comedic short film competition that promotes women writers, actors and short film directors in comedy. Films can be no longer than 10 minutes long, and must have a female writer or director, a female lead, and be a comedy. Submissions will be accepted through April 21. The top ten films will be screened at an awards ceremony in Minneapolis on May 8th, and will also be featured right here on Rooftop Comedy! Click here for guidelines and additional information.

Newtons 3rd law * CELEB PICK
Newtons 3rd law (01:14)
Linda Aarons

Love that it’s clever, unexpected and quirky.

A passive-aggressive solution * CELEB PICK
A passive-aggressive solution (00:54)
Mary Mack

Have to love someone who mocks “MN Nice.”

Understanding Bruce Springsteen * CELEB PICK
Understanding Bruce Springsteen (01:43)
Huck Flynn

I’m a Springsteen fan, but this is great parody.

The office job blues * CELEB PICK
The office job blues (03:00)
Dan Polydoris

Encapsulates the drudgery of doing a 9 to 5 job.

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