Guest Editor : Daniel Sol


Daniel Sol

With a passion for film and filmmaking since childhood, Daniel Sol decided to move to California in 2000 with an interest in the film business. After working on Commercial Productions as a PA and then acting in various short films, he gained an interest and knowledge into what it takes to put together a film. With that came friendships, and with the people he met along the way the common theme sprung up: Young Filmmakers had no access to industry professionals, and they had no way to screen movies locally. This sprung the idea for the HollyShorts Film Festival. Now 6 years in, HollyShorts has quickly become the most influental short film festival in Los Angeles, and Daniel's effort and dedication to the festival and its filmmakers as Festival Director has led to this growth. Aside from HollyShorts, Sol also battles daily with Domestic Exhibitors as a Southwest Regional Sales Manager at Lionsgate.

Whiteman College Admissions Video * CELEB PICK
Whiteman College Admissions Video (00:00)
Ramsey Bros. Pictures

It's hard work making everyone feel welcome at your college. It's even harder when your cue-card guy isn't good. Really funny stuff from The Ramsey Bros.

Black Guys on a Beautiful Day * CELEB PICK
Black Guys on a Beautiful Day (04:44)
Kevin Avery

A treat for fans of both African American men and nice weather. Kevin Avery's funny and subversive short may conjure memories of "Chappelle's Show."

Jones' Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage * CELEB PICK
Jones' Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage (01:40)
Big Dog Eat Child

I assume the foot massages are as "good-ass" as the barbecue. But even if they aren't, Jones' will deep fry anything you want -- and there's something to be said for that. Especially in this economy.

Kane (00:00)

Ever wonder what "Citizen Kane" would be like if you replaced Charles Foster Kane with Jason Bourne? No? Me neither. But Mark Potts did, and it's good.

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