Guest Editor : James Allen Kamp


James Allen Kamp

James Allen Kamp is the creator and editor for Comedy of Chicago, a comprehensive Blog dedicated to shining a digital media spotlight on an amazing comedy scene. The main goal of the site is to increase awareness about how dynamic and groundbreaking Chicago comedy is through reviews of shows, interviews with comics, and the production of viral videos. For James it’s all about giving a voice to anybody doing anything good for comedy in Chicago. James, who is originally from California, worked for the popular but now defunct comedy venue "The Lakeshore Theater" for two years as video producer and house manager. James would love to produce a TV show about the Chicago scene one day. You can check it out at: joke of the day.

The n-word and Cheeseburger Tooth * CELEB PICK
The n-word and Cheeseburger Tooth (02:16)
Danny Kallas

Danny is one of my favorites right now. Dude is fearless and simply does not give a fuck about playing it safe. The guy will bring it every time and the neighborhood mook routine is no act, he is from the streets of Chicago but don’t let that fool you, he’s as smart, cutting edge and witty as they come.

2012 rematch * CELEB PICK
2012 rematch (01:12)
Mike Stanley

What I like about Mike Stanley, besides his rapid-fire machine gun delivery, is that the guy is a workhorse. He’s a nationally touring comedian but never rests on his laurels, always making sure to do a set in Chicago whenever he comes back to town.

Stalker breakup * CELEB PICK
Stalker breakup (01:07)
Junior Stopka

Junior is the unholy unstoppable spawn of Sam Kinison, Bill Cosby, and maybe Satan.

Will Miles On Birth Control * CELEB PICK
Will Miles On Birth Control (00:57)
Will Miles

Smooth as butter, before you know it, Will’s got your comedy panties off and you're like, "Damn, I hope he calls me."

Booty dancing * CELEB PICK
Booty dancing (01:38)
James Fritz

Love Fritz. The guy mixes politics, cultural analysis, and hipster bashing like a modern day pissed-off George Carlin.

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