Guest Editor : Jeff Cleary


Jeff Cleary

Jeff Cleary is a tired old man who's only source of happiness is a well placed dick-joke, people's amusing opinions on air travel or a well-crafted Indian tech support impression. He's also the Vice President of the definitive guide to comedy in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a comedian and producer, he has co-hosted the legendary and now defunct Annie's Social Club open mic, organized the Comedy Speakeasy showcase at The Purple Onion, and the Bay Area Laugh Leader competition. Upon hearing the judge declare his community service complete, he returned to the woods to pursue his first love, securing enriched yellowcake uranium.

Here are just a few of his favorite San Francisco performers he was lucky enough to cross paths with along the way.

Protests suck * CELEB PICK
Protests suck (00:29)
Kevin Camia

If there's one thing San Franciscans love more than Burning Man, it's protesting. This joke brings them both together.

My apartment sucks * CELEB PICK
My apartment sucks (00:40)
Kurt Weitzmann

I used to love Kurt's act way before getting involved with comedy. One of my San Francisco favorites.

Election Night in San Francisco * CELEB PICK
Election Night in San Francisco (00:00)
Sean Keane

I love San Francisco jokes, and this is one of my favorites.

Surgery sucks * CELEB PICK
Surgery sucks (01:42)
Joe Tobin

If the cops had given me 2 phone calls, the second one would have been to Joe Tobin. Ya know, just to talk.

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