Guest Editor : Matt Knudsen


Matt Knudsen

Whether singing the praises of his new Temperpedic mattress or making questionable decisions at the all you can eat buffet, “Knudsen ably spins any material in to comedy gold.” (LA Weekly) Matt has performed at the prestigious Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, and after his much-heralded appearance in New Faces, was invited to perform in an additional “Best of the Fest,” show. Other credits include The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Big Love, Boston Legal and Malcolm in the Middle as well as several high profile commercials campaigns for Pepsi, Apple and GE, which have been seen during the Superbowl and The Olympics. The Comedy Stylings of Matt Knudsen is an intimate one-hour set, recorded live at Lestats West in San Diego and in Knudsen’s debut, he entertains old fans and new converts alike with his unique style that has been called, “Amazingly measured and deliberate…Well done.” ( His new album, The Comedy Stylings of Matt Knudsen, “Mixes droll observation with a dry, almost hypnotic delivery.” (AV Club) Pick it up on iTunes.

Movies on demand * CELEB PICK
Movies on demand (00:55)
Andy Kindler

Andy Kindler is the man. He’s a comic’s comic and whenever he’s on stage, everyone leaves the bar to catch his set. Considering how much comics love to drink, that’s the highest praise there is. “I demand to see Old Dogs, now.” Me too Andy.

April Fools * CELEB PICK
April Fools (01:04)
Alex Koll

Alex and I performed together at Just for Laughs in Montreal and he’s always made me laugh. This clip is no different.

Puking in public * CELEB PICK
Puking in public (00:54)
TJ Miller

TJ Miller is a force of nature. This clip is fantastic but he’s also one of the best onstage improvisers I’ve ever seen. We did a show together one night where he killed by improvising 10 minutes that started with him looking at a man in the audience and saying, “Look at you. You’ve never ridden a dolphin in your life.” I love this guy.

It's Every Cussword We Know * CELEB PICK
It's Every Cussword We Know (00:00)
Stuckey & Murray

If you love REM and profanity, you’re a fool if you don’t watch this. I also enjoy how they got people that I assume were total strangers to say the most vile and offensive things imaginable. BTW, was that my man Reggie Watts?

A Cartoon About Death * CELEB PICK
A Cartoon About Death (02:57)

The animation looks like a children’s book come to life and the music was perfect. My favorite part was the 6’3 guy that was buried with his hat on. As if even in death he was concerned about his receding hairline. Just great.

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