Guest Editor : Shap Sweeney


Shap Sweeney

Shap Sweeney is a humor writer and editor-in-chief of the daily comedy newsletter/website ComedySmack. His writing has appeared on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and Yankee Pot Roast. He has produced several live comedy shows in New York such as Llama Toe with Bobby Tisdale & Reggie Watts, Upright Citizens Brigade on Broadway, Wicked Wits at Comix and SmackDown: The Best of ComedySmack at Carolines. The next SmackDown is at Carolines on May 26th and features host Sean Patton, Jena Friedman, Dave Hill, Adam Newman, Sean Crespo, Streeter Seidell and God’s Pottery. Visit for more.

Pickle Bucket * CELEB PICK
Pickle Bucket (00:00)
Adam Newman

I’ve been a big advocate of pickle bucket safety for a long time, so you can imagine how happy I was when I first saw Adam’s bit. He’s become a big hero to all of us in the movement.

Beautiful LA girls * CELEB PICK
Beautiful LA girls (00:56)
Natasha Leggero

I moved to LA when I was 19 and got a job at the Tower Video on Sunset. Most of the customers were models, B-movie actresses and high-end call girls. Natasha’s bit perfectly captures every one of them.

The benchwarmer's alternative * CELEB PICK
The benchwarmer's alternative (04:16)
John Mulaney

John Mulaney’s bit speaks to everyone who played sports in high school, but looked at it like being drafted into the military. John never edits his stories to make himself look cooler, which is a reason he’s one of the best

Free entertainment on the subway * CELEB PICK
Free entertainment on the subway (01:20)
Sean Patton

Sean Patton is the king of broken heart material, but I’ve always loved this one about overheard subway banter. I once heard someone on the L train say that Obama invented global warming to put her dad’s ski resort out of business.

McGriddle at the airport * CELEB PICK
McGriddle at the airport (01:04)
Hannibal Buress

Hannibal is one of those rare comics who can make just about anything they say funny. Whether it’s lost sandwiches or deranged pigeons, I usually start laughing as soon as he starts talking. God’s Pottery- The Pants Come Off When The Ring Goes On

The pants come off when the ring goes on * CELEB PICK
The pants come off when the ring goes on (06:32)
God's Pottery

This “Christian music duo” should tour with Palin during the 2012 election. Just like Palin, it’s impossible to hear their message of abstinence without laughing.

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