Guest Editor : The Fine Brothers


The Fine Brothers

Award winning filmmakers, new media pioneers, and top YouTube comedians, Benny & Rafi Fine are one of the leading up and coming cross-platform comedy writer/director/performer teams. Named "Webotainer to Watch" by WIRED Magazine, the brothers have created content and consulted for several major networks and companies (Warner Bros, Comedy Central, MTV), been featured in nearly every major publication (Variety, Huffington Post, TV Guide), and spoken at major Television and New Media conferences across the U.S.

The Fine Brothers on Youtube.

Dude lost his head on Space Mountain * CELEB PICK
Dude lost his head on Space Mountain (01:52)
Mike Lukas

Considering Benny used to work at theme parks, and saw some horrific accidents, this clip speaks to his safety spieling heart.

Bullies are worse today * CELEB PICK
Bullies are worse today (00:25)
Dustin Ybarra

How can we not choose a clip about our primary source of distribution? Short but sweet, like YouTube videos should be.

Phone rape * CELEB PICK
Phone rape (00:58)
Michael Malone

We know, we know, we broke the rule, ONE Rape video is the max, but we just can't stop ourselves from dialing into this one too.

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