Guest Editor : Cyan Banister


Cyan Banister

With adoration for comedians, jugglers, clowns, magicians and robots, our Guest Editor for the week, Cyan Banister is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, a place where models and photographers collaborate to take sweet, sweet photos (and get paid for it too!) Cyan was also named one of Fast Company’s most influential women in Web 2.0, and won the Sexiest Geek Alive contest in 2000 and subsequently appeared on Good Morning America for it.

Girlfriend proof computer * CELEB PICK
Girlfriend proof computer (02:40)
Gary Gulman

Gary Gulman, you are my hero! Never has the semicolon been so funny in my life. Guys, Gary speaks the truth here and these are words of wisdom. Heck, ladies may want to follow his advice too because you never know when the semicolon ninjas will sneak up on you and ruin your day.

Best Buy security tags * CELEB PICK
Best Buy security tags (00:58)
Greg Morton

Completely understand them and completely hate them -- security tags. Greg Morton has the perfect solution for the next time security gives you dirty looks when your freshly purchased merchandise sets off store security alarms. I totally need to build up the guts to do this.

Food court street fighters * CELEB PICK
Food court street fighters (01:28)
Kelly Soloduka

I'm from Phoenix, Arizona and our culture is centered around the mall, arcades and food courts. Just about everyone does their time serving mallrats while avoiding the blazing heat, so this brought back memories.

Addicted to social networking * CELEB PICK
Addicted to social networking (01:15)
Amber Preston

There's a reason why people look better on MySpace (angles baby) and the world really needs more social networking jokes, because some of it is just pure comedy.

Women love a British accent * CELEB PICK
Women love a British accent (01:19)
Jeff Bodart

Seriously, American women love British accents. This is absolutely true. I swear, a British guy can say anything to me and I go weak in the knees.

Seductive cab ride * CELEB PICK
Seductive cab ride (02:43)

It is a fantasy of mine to spend a year riding around in taxis and interviewing people to capture their best taxi stories. This is one of the best I've ever heard. Also, best song ever to get stuck in your head.

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