Guest Editor : Graham Elwood


Graham Elwood

Who better to ring in 4/20 at Rooftop Comedy than THE guy who couldn’t remember “Boat, cucumber, wire” in Doug Benson’s film Super High Me? That’s right. No one. We are excited to have the very funny comedian Graham Elwood as our Guest Editor this week, who you may recognize as host of the game shows “Cram” on the Game Show Network along with “Strip Poker” on the USA Network, the “Chelsea Handler Show” on E!, the “Late Late Show” on CBS, VH1, Fuel TV, or the Sarah Silverman Program, IF your bong isn’t too big to block the TV.

Wendy's went wrong * CELEB PICK
Wendy's went wrong (00:30)
Dave Waite

Dave’s delivery always makes me laugh and Wendy’s is a bag of stupid.

Mouse problem * CELEB PICK
Mouse problem (00:44)
Steve Gillespie

I just worked with Steve for the first time and I’m glad he has the fortitude to do what has to be done to keep this country safe from vermin.

How to handle people who talk too much * CELEB PICK
How to handle people who talk too much (04:09)
Todd Glass

Todd is a funny retard.

Venice beach massage * CELEB PICK
Venice beach massage (01:40)
Jackie Kashian

I wish Jackie would sell those shirts and love what she writes on

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