Guest Editor : Marga Gomez


Marga Gomez

This week's celebrity playlist is by comedienne Marga Gomez. You can catch Marga at "Comedy Spanks Politics: The Truth Never Hurt So Good" at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco this Wednesday, August 11th at 6:30pm. More info.

About Marga: Marga Gomez was named "Best Comedian 2009 and 2008” in the San Francisco Bay Guardian. She was born in New York City to a Cuban comedian and Puerto Rican dancer and grew up hanging out backstage while her parents shared the spotlight with the likes of Tito Puente and Celia Cruz. Hooked on show business at an early age Marga headed to San Francisco where she honed her high energy, proudly Latina, openly gay, slightly dorky, tragically sexy, laugh getting act. Marga's television appearances include HBO's "Comic Relief VI," Showtime's "Latino Laugh Festival," LOGO network’s "Wisecracks" and "One Night Stand Up," and Comedy Central's "Out There." Marga Gomez is the writer and performer of eight solo plays Long Island Iced Latina, Los Big Names, A Line Around The Block, Memory Tricks, Marga Gomez is Pretty, Witty & Gay, Jaywalker, The Twelve Days of Cochina and Marga Gomez is Proud & Bothered have been produced nationally and internationally. Marga Gomez is also the recipient of The GLAAD Media Award and Theatre LA Ovation Award and a nominee of New York’s Drama Desk Award.

The first debate was a wash out * CELEB PICK
The first debate was a wash out (01:41)
Bill Santiago

Bill Santiago flies off the handle in this 2008 clip which is still great fun. As a journalist turned comic his material is often topical and as a Puerto Rican American he can get hilariously heated. I get to work with Bill on September 22nd at Yoshi's SF.

Embracing my ethnicity * CELEB PICK
Embracing my ethnicity (02:09)
Marcella Arguello

Excellent! I get to be the first celeb to pick a video from Modesto's ethnically ambiguous, 6 foot 2, comic powerhouse. I would drop everything to watch Marcella's set. She's a force of nature. Check her out with me and W. Kamau Bell on Wednesday August 11th at the Commonwealth Club.

Elevator etiquette * CELEB PICK
Elevator etiquette (02:41)
Aparna Nancherla

I really relate to Aparna’s clip for its glorious petty, anti-social and passive-aggressive nature. All her stuff is gutsy, dry and clever. I hope that someday she becomes almost as famous as I am.

Gay and Iranian * CELEB PICK
Gay and Iranian (00:58)
Mehran Khaghani

Mehran is my second favorite Gay Iranian comic . I wouldn’t have known about him if it wasn’t for Rooftop. Keep them coming Ahmadinejad!

Terrifying texts * CELEB PICK
Terrifying texts (00:59)
M Dickson

I heard M. Dixon on a podcast once so I checked her out on Rooftop. I'd like to see this bit adapted into a horror movie. Always a sign of good comedy.

Comedy in China * CELEB PICK
Comedy in China (01:29)
Hari Kondabolu

Hari is doleful in a comforting way. Watch this clip and be instantly engaged in his winsome world views.

Jewish dining * CELEB PICK
Jewish dining (00:37)
Michele Balan

Michele Balan is the comic on my playlist I have worked with most. She was one of the final four on Last Comic Standing 2006. In this clip she reels off her neurotic one-liners while planted on a bar stool as usual. Balan is old school and very cool.

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