Guest Editor : Niall McKay


Niall McKay

Niall McKay is a producer /director with the Media Factory. Most recently he produced, directed and filmed The Bass Player, a documentary which premiered at the Dublin Film Festival. Last year he won an an Emmy. In the past Niall, produced a short comedy called “Nuts” which was directed by novelist Irvine Welsh’s (Trainspotting). Niall is the director of the San Francisco Irish Film Festival.

Meeting girls on MySpace * CELEB PICK
Meeting girls on MySpace (00:56)
Bob Biggerstaff

Bob Biggerstaff : The cautionary tale of meeting girls on Myspace. If you want a date make sure that you don’t end up on Dateline.

Menstrual cycles * CELEB PICK
Menstrual cycles (00:37)
Greg Edwards

What about men’s menstrual cycles? Is it justice or just a horrible thought. Greg Edwards puts a new spin saying that if you hang out with him good things will happen.

69ing * CELEB PICK
69ing (01:28)
TJ Miller

96ing. No not a gas station but a new sex position for married couples. TJ Miller thinks that 69ing is a thing of the past.

The worst lie in the world * CELEB PICK
The worst lie in the world (01:21)
Johnny Gardhouse

Girls how to get your boyfriend to propose to you in one easy step. OK several steps. Johnny Gardhouse has discovered the secret.

Humans vs. Earth * CELEB PICK
Humans vs. Earth (01:41)
David Huntsberger

We’re put on this earth to destroy this planet. This is a new idea. David Huntsberger discovers that finally we have a talent.

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