Guest Editor : Robert Buscemi


Robert Buscemi

Critical sensation Robert Buscemi had a stellar 2008, getting named "Best Stand-Up" by The Chicago Reader newspaper, being featured in two major comedy fests (a href=""> Rooftop Aspen and Washington DC), and releasing his 2nd stand-up DVD. Now in LA, this versatile star of TV ads and short comedy films will soon record his debut CD with RooftopComedy Records and quickly take over the world. He did NOT write this bio. He also did NOT choose the clips below, and definitely and most surely did NOT write comments about them.

Deja Vu (00:08)
Kathleen Kanz

Kyle is super-natural and unpretentious, but a wickedly precise, utterly original wordsmith. One of my all-time faves.

My Mother's Wild Imagination * CELEB PICK
My Mother's Wild Imagination (01:13)
Erin Foley

Erin is cool as a cucumber, and blew me away at the 2008 Rooftop Aspen Fest with her smoothness and creativity.

Cute but deadly * CELEB PICK
Cute but deadly (01:43)
Matt Braunger

Saw this one on Letterman too. I love the detail–you can tell Braunger researched it. One of the most talented performers I know.

No moleste * CELEB PICK
No moleste (02:57)
Tig Notaro

No one touches Notaro for cool, weird, hipster chic. She destroyed me at the 2008 Rooftop Fest — her sweater/shirt combo alone suggest ninja-level absurdism.

CD skipping * CELEB PICK
CD skipping (00:58)
Nick Vatterott

Vatterot is one of the most prolific, experimental, revered comics I know. His energy and inventiveness are ridic.

Trapped in a mine * CELEB PICK
Trapped in a mine (01:51)
Andi Smith

Andi’s another comic I saw kill at the 2008 Rooftop Aspen Fest. Home Perm ROCKS. She’s a hilariously brazen smart-ass, but balances cynicism with performing chops and superb writing.

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