Guest Editor : Sara Faith Alterman


Sara Faith Alterman

Sara Faith Alterman writes for The Boston Phoenix and Stuff Magazine, and works as an on-air personality for 101.7 WFNX radio. Sara Faith is the author of the novels “My 15 Minutes” and “Tears of a Class Clown,” and was the head writer at ImprovBoston for several years before pursuing journalism, the career path of choice for self-hating jackasses who thrive on failing industries.

The deaf leading the blind * CELEB PICK
The deaf leading the blind (08:44)
Mike Birbiglia

Birbiglia kills me anyway, and the added visual of an adorable ASL interpreter? So fantastically awkward but endearing.

Waiting for my sexual peak * CELEB PICK
Waiting for my sexual peak (02:10)
Hal Sparks

I picked this simply because I want to bang him. There. I said it.

Sarah Palin * CELEB PICK
Sarah Palin (03:55)
Jamie Kilstein

I first saw Jamie at the 2009 AltCom! Alternative Comedy Festival, and was blown away by his mastery of stream of consciousness. Jamie’s got this rare ability to make his rants seem completely off-the-cuff, even though they’re, in fact, really well-crafted. I could watch him throw the same pseudo-tantrum a million times, and still get riled up.

Koko the gorilla * CELEB PICK
Koko the gorilla (03:27)
Somebody's In The Doghouse

This sketch features a sexed-up gorilla. The end.

Happily ever after * CELEB PICK
Happily ever after (01:25)
Mary Mack

I can’t stop watching her. The combination of her little-girl voice, midwestern accent, spacey “aw, shucks” sensibility, and razor sharp punch lines is mesmerizing.

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