Guest Editor : Sean McCarthy


Sean McCarthy

Sean L. McCarthy once wrote for newspapers, which old people paid for on the streets or received on their doorsteps and then held in their hands. He first wrote about unfunny people doing ridiculous things. Then he started performing comedy on the side. Then he wrote about funny people. Then he won New York's Funniest Reporter, and soon afterward newspaper jobs no longer ceased to exist, because of the Internets. Internets! So he launched a site where he wrote funny things about funny people. It's called The Comic's Comic.

I can't relate to rap * CELEB PICK
I can't relate to rap (01:04)
Baron Vaughn

Baron is, as they say in the showy bidness, is a three-time threat. Although he can make you laugh in more than three ways, and usually will within one routine. He's that talented. He lives in NYC but travels quite a bit.

Holiday gifts with mom * CELEB PICK
Holiday gifts with mom (00:53)
Aparna Nancherla

It's holiday season (at least as I write this), and Aparna has a great gift for gab, which she shows off here in a routine about dealing with her mother. She's in D.C. What a patriot!

9-11 wasn't necessary * CELEB PICK
9-11 wasn't necessary (00:32)
Dave Fulton

When I first flung myself into comedy in Seattle in the mid-1990s, Dave was one of the great thought-provokers, and also great to talk to offstage. He may live more in the U.K. now, but he still knows how to take a hot-button American issue and make it funny and relevant.

Keeping up on technology * CELEB PICK
Keeping up on technology (01:58)
Jesse Joyce

Jesse is a Pittsburgh product, proving that the Three Rivers can produce belly laughs through stand-up after the steel business goes belly-up. Keep an eye on this guy. And this clip shows he's willing to keep up with the trends. Twitter? Yeah, he'll do it. Here's why.

A poop joke about Russian history * CELEB PICK
A poop joke about Russian history (01:09)
John Ramsey

John won the Funniest Person in Austin contest, and he still may very well be the funniest person in the capital of Texas, so you'll have to go there to see him, Show Business! Who else can tell a poop joke about Russian history?

Six Flags mishap * CELEB PICK
Six Flags mishap (01:26)
Shane Mauss

I feel like I saw Shane become a star overnight, because I was there when it happened at the final HBO festival in Aspen. How he writes and delivers great jokes may be a mystery, but you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to enjoy the ride. He'll have his first Comedy Central CD and half-hour special early in 2010.

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