Guest Editor : Special Ed


Special Ed

"Special" Ed Oliveira is the brains, the charm, and the stomach of 101.7 WFNX's stellar morning show The Sandbox. Ed's been known to crack a joke or two. Usually about boobies.

He's the show's producer, too, so when shit goes wrong -- and it usually does -- he takes the blame. Takes it like a man.

The Karate Kid: revisited * CELEB PICK
The Karate Kid: revisited (00:51)
Gary Gulman

While Gulman’s stature might make you think he is a tough guy he is really a giant pussy. A giant funny pussy but a pussy nonetheless.

Mature porn * CELEB PICK
Mature porn (00:29)
Dave Thomason

Dave is on to something; there needs to be a universal system of categorizing porn. Water sports doesn’t mean what is implied.

Awkward body hair * CELEB PICK
Awkward body hair (01:21)
Robert Hawkins

I have shared this experience. I wish I had saved the 4-inch, gray nose hair I pulled a few weeks ago for posterity.

A black man at a Prince concert * CELEB PICK
A black man at a Prince concert (02:59)
Finesse Mitchell

I love Prince and I need more black friends. Hi Finesse! Facebook me!

Retarded gun owners * CELEB PICK
Retarded gun owners (01:23)
Jamie Kilstein

I thought “guns” and “retarded” were synonymous.

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