Guest Editor : Victoria Jackson


Victoria Jackson

The Sebastian Comedy Retreat is a gathering of stand-up comics, managers, club owners, agents and entertainment industry professionals that takes place in Vero Beach, Florida January 9th – 15th, 2011. Participants can focus on their goals and objective of their careers in a peaceful and restorative setting. Workshops, parties, showcases, skill building conferences along with outdoor activities that allow attendees to gain priceless insight and spark more industry relationships. This week's celeb playist is by retreat director Victoria Jackson.

Women dig me until... * CELEB PICK
Women dig me until... (01:03)
Dan Mintz

This is the first time I have watched some of Dan's clips and let me tell you, he had me laughing the whole time!! His stage presence is great,and his voice is great. Come down to Vero Beach, Dan!!

How to get the perfect revenge * CELEB PICK
How to get the perfect revenge (02:19)
Mark Evans

This was one of my favorite jokes of his when I saw him live. He had some pretty clever ideas!

My low paying job * CELEB PICK
My low paying job (01:02)
Chelcie Rice

Loved this clip, My Low Paying Job, because I just saw Chelcie Rice in Vero Beach at Duke's Comedy Cove. He had me laughing the whole time. He was great and his expressions are priceless!

Sports and Advertising * CELEB PICK
Sports and Advertising (00:00)

I enjoyed this clip Sports and Advertising, because as an avid sports fan, I enjoyed bringing a little comedy to the field and he did just that in his act. Any yes, my Team Florida State is playing in the Chik-fil-A Bowl this year and we will be proud to win!! :)

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