Guest Editor : Zach Ward


Zach Ward

Zach Ward is the owner of the DSI Comedy Theater, a stand up comic, and last but certainly not least, the producer of the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival! As the 2010 North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival kicks off February 4th, we are proud to present Zach as our latest and greatest Guest Editor. Check out the NCCAF here.

Jews on Facebook * CELEB PICK
Jews on Facebook (00:48)
Mike Brody

From the mind diary of Mike Brody. He's amazing and coming back for NCCAF Round 2.

Unlikely James Bond theme songs * CELEB PICK
Unlikely James Bond theme songs (01:55)
Sean Cullen

Sean Cullen is the man with the golden comedy gun.

Accepted into art school * CELEB PICK
Accepted into art school (00:48)
Andi Smith

What editor's picks wouldn't be complete without some Andi Smith? PERIOD.

Exercise: keep it simple * CELEB PICK
Exercise: keep it simple (00:45)
Ted Alexandro

Ted Alexandro is one of the funniest people alive and that's no sham.

Highly recommended * CELEB PICK
Highly recommended (00:42)
Erin Foley

hi-lar-i-ous adj. 1. arousing great merriment; extremely funny

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