Guest Editor : Zach Ward


Zach Ward

Zach Ward is the Owner of the DSI Comedy Theater, Producer of the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, and a Comedian himself. And certainly not least, our newest partner, as DSI has just been added as Rooftop Comedy’s newest partner club! As the 2009 North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival kicks off February 12th, we are proud to present Zach as our latest and greatest Guest Editor. Check out the NCCAF here.

Batman's new voice * CELEB PICK
Batman's new voice (02:08)
Jason Wheeler

I already dig Batman so I'm in. I didn't need the Zyrtec reference because the concept was so much fun. I'm dreaming of a web series with Batman conversations in this voice. More awkwardly personal Batman. Jason? Anyone?

The Life Of A Locksmith * CELEB PICK
The Life Of A Locksmith (00:35)
Erin Foley

I was at this show in Aspen last year. Awesome set from start to finish. Major funny crush on this comic. But she's a Lesbian so no chance. My favorite part of the clip was her dealing with a sneeze in the crowd. Endearing move and we were totally along for the ride.

Getting pregnant * CELEB PICK
Getting pregnant (01:07)
Mary Mack

I have watched a lot of Mary's clips. It was hard to decide because I really like her voice, and could listen to her do bits about her family over and over. But, for my money, which I didn't have to pay because these clips are free, you can't beat hearing her talk about accidentally doing squats, on sperm.

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