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3 stars
Ali Clayton stand-up reel

Ali Clayton preforms stand-up

3 stars
Neverland USA

Well Spike Lee has created another master piece. Some of the footage of his new film "Neverland USA" has been leaked. In the Film it's amateur reporter Parteek Ali's big break. He's giving you a first look at Georgia's history in the making. Parteek interviews former preacher turned governor of GA Charles M Rogers about how reparations are being paid to the descendants of slaves. Lil Youngin and Pooty are very happy with the new law the governor is enforcing and Chinwe and Adede will think twice before they try cooking meth again.....maybe.

3 stars

Sketch comedy group Electric Baby Safari( Ali Clayton, Jeff Rosenblatt, Eleise Moore, Mo Welch, Mckenzie Morrell) along with friend of the group Ever Mainard present Homeless! Homeless was filmed by: Jason Beaumont and edited by: Shawn Harrel.

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