Amy Dresner is a Los Angeles native, and the offspring of a comedy writing father and fashion designing mother. She always fantasized of becoming a stand-up comedian but didn't have the gusto to pursue the dream until recently.

Amy Dresner

My Clips

3 stars
sailing in the British Virgin Islands

Amy Dresner talks about her first trip sailing and cool stuff she found in the Caribbean market

3 stars
First Casting/ the Commercial World

Amy Dresner goes to her first (and last?) casting.

5 stars
fat husband

Amy Dresner talks about how she incorporates her husband's big belly into their sex life

3 stars
Facebook and reunions

Amy Dresner talks about the joys and horrors of Facebook and going to a reunion now that she's no longer a reclusive drug addict!

4 stars
pussy hairstyles

Amy Dresner talks about the many pussy hairstyles she uses to keep monogamy interesting.

5 stars
snobby about drugs

Amy Dresner talks about the hypocrisy and double standards of drug addicts at Room 5, Los Angeles.

5 stars
Soul Food

Amy Dresner talks about how revolting soul food Comedy Store on Sunset, L.A.

5 stars
Fuck me in the Nose

Amy Dresner at the Improv in Hollywood

5 stars
Psych Ward Part 2

Amy Dresner talking about ending up in the psych ward at the end of a blackout.......Belly Room of the Comedy Store.

3 stars
Psych Ward Part 1

Amy Dresner talks about landing in the psych the Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

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