<a href="http://www.andrewberkowitz.com">Portland, Oregon stand-up comedian</a> Andrew Berkowitz finds the humor in situations we can all relate to -- from teaching mom to operate a microwave oven to accidentally putting on hockey gear backwards.

Specializing in clean comedy and a wry delivery style, Andrew has performed all over the country as a stand-up comedian, improviser and emcee.

He is available for bookings and travels nationwide to perform at events.

Much more information is available at his website: <a href="http://www.andrewberkowitz.com">http://www.andrewberkowitz.com</a>

Andrew Berkowitz


My Clips

5 stars
Stand-Up Comedy Doctor Visit

Andrew Berkowitz stand-up comedy on the oddities of the routine physical.

5 stars
Stand-Up Comedy: Leaf Blowers and Business Hotels

Andrew Berkowitz stand-up comedy on the sheer laziness of leaf blowers and the way that business hotels have gone crazy.

5 stars
Stand-Up Comedy: Cats

Using cat-like strategies in real life.

5 stars
Stand-Up: Dining Out

Andrew Berkowitz stand-up comedy: The challenges of dining out.

5 stars
Stand-Up Comedy: Typing Test

Andrew Berkowitz stand-up comedy: the challenges of finding a new job.

5 stars
Stand-Up: Hockey Gear

Andrew Berkowitz's stand-up comedy from the ComedySportz Theater.

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