When she was 5, her cousin hit her in the head with a baseball bat and that pretty much changed her life forever... although she doesn't quite remember that happening. Currently she resides at New York City. Like all indecisive or multi-talented artists, she wants to be a comedian, filmmaker, an animator, a writer, a blogger, a tweeter, an activist, a cook, a muse, a secret agent and a beekeeper when she grows up. Her performances were apart of the 2010 Calgary Funnyfest, the 2009 North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, the 2008 Seattle Sketchfest and the 2008 NYC Underground Comedy Festival. She currently awkwardly jokes around NYC and performs regularly at the "cultural phenomenon" show-Mortified! and at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. She is also works for UCBCOMEDY.COM.

Angel Yau


My Clips

3 stars
High School Election Speech

Angel re-enacts her high school election speech.

3 stars
New York Underground Comedy Fest

2008 New York Underground Comedy Festival Emerging Comics: Angel Yau How will she emerge?

3 stars
Asia History Report

Nervous little kid gives a hometown history report that will never be forgotten! Performed at UCB Theatre LA

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