Brendan Fitzgibbons is a comedian, actor and writer in New York City. Brendan is from Palatine, Illinois (where Spunky Dunkers Doughnuts are King) but began his comedy career in New York City.

He has performed all over the city including clubs such as Caroline’s on Broadway, Gotham Comedy Club, Stand-up New York, Upright Citizen’s Brigade, and Upright Citizens Brigade East along with several other booked shows. Some of Brendan’s favorite shows/rooms to perform at are the Living Room, the Irish Exit and Bar 4. He currently produces and performs on the popular stand-up show at Lucky Jacks called “Gandhi, is that You?” Brendan performs every night hit him up and come see a show! Or just be friends with him!

Brendan Fitzgibbons

My Clips

3 stars
Women and Making Decisions

Brendan Fitzgibbons talks about seeing his ex-girlfriend get happily married.

3 stars
My Buddy Pat

Brendan Fitzgibbons has some friends who are real potheads.

3 stars
Boston Is A Great City

Brendan Fitzgibbons loves Boston, despite some of the more silly people who live there.

3 stars
A Catholic Mom and a Black Friend

Despite what you may think, Brendan Fitzgibbons DOES have a black friend.

3 stars
I Love Halloween and Birth Control

Brendan Fitzgibbons talks about his fondness for Halloween, and his first baby scare.

5 stars
5 stars
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