Since 1993 Dale Jones has been perfecting his craft and has become one of the funniest and most energetic comics in the country. He has entertained audiences and our troops throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. His zany on-stage character always sends club patrons to the exits with lots of questions but no disappointments.

His machine gun style of delivery and animated facial contortions combined with quick improvisations and non-stop physical comedy leave the audience wishing they had his energy. Forget "high energy"-- this is frantic! His shows are always a night you won't soon forget. Club owners and managers have gotten used to fielding questions about when Dale will be returning.

Dale started his career in Nashville, Tennessee. While working (mostly wasting) his days away in a factory, his co-workers dared him to try his hand at his life long dream, making people laugh. He stepped on stage for the first time at a Zanies Comedy Clubâ??s open mike night. Two years later, Dale turned a dream into a reality and started doing stand-up full time.

Dale has worked hard to develop an act thatâ??s truly original and non- stop funny. He reminds his audience of the great comedians that have influenced him: Abbott and Costello, Buster Keaton, Jerry Lewis, Tim Conway and Don Knotts.

In addition to his training at the world renowned Second City Dale has had numerous television appearances including TBS - The Very Funny Show, NBC - Last Comic Standing Season Six, Fox - 30 seconds to Fame and The Comedy Network in Canada. If you donâ??t blink you might see him in the 2003 MGM movie "Out Of Time" with Denzel Washington. He has also been on 2 nationally syndicated radio shows, THE BOB AND TOM SHOW and The BOB AND SHERI SHOW. He was one of 8 finalists in â??The Great Canadian Laugh Off and he was invited to perform at THE BOSTON COMEDY FESTIVAL and THE TBS â??JUST FOR LAUGHSâ?? FESTIVAL.

Dale Jones

My Clips

4 stars
Had A Weird Day

Dale Jones has had a tough day with GPS and dumb people.

3 stars
Dad's Encouragement

Dale Jones is a chip off the old block. There's nothing that boy can't do!

3 stars
Shrinky Dink

Dale Jones fondly remembers the ever nostalgic magic that is the Shrinky Dink brand shrinking plastic oven toy.

5 stars
Disney Cruise Comedian

Dale Jones was a child's entertainer on a cruise ship. Would you let your kids see him? I would. But I'm a terrible parent with questionable judgment.

3 stars
My Favorite Stamps

Dale Jones is putting his personal seal of approval on his stamps.

5 stars
Home Depot Goofus

Dale Jones is the reason why Home Depot employees will never help you.

3 stars
Dollar Store GPS v2

Dale Jones is cutting too many corner at the dollar store and boy is he paying for it.

3 stars
License and Registration

Dale Jones makes another appearance on Cops and insists that he "only had a fewteen."

4 stars
Big K Company Kia

Dale Jones is impressed with the bold new styling offered by Kia, the company he feels best reflects his sensible personality.

4 stars
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