Eric Neumann is a New York based Stand-up comedian. He started performing at Comic Strip Live in Manhattan when he was just shy of twenty-one years old. He currently performs at various comedy clubs throughout NYC and the country. He has been seen on Comcast and co-produces a monthly comedy show called "Comics Anonymous".

Eric Neumann

My Clips

4 stars
Laundry Can Be Scary

You probably don't think laundry can inspire bloodcurdling terror. Eric Neumann knows better.

3 stars
Israeli Tour

Eric Neumann shares why should read the fine print when you go on a tour.

4 stars
Coming Out 2

Eric Neumann's friend recently came out of the closet.

3 stars
Forgotten Names

Eric Neumann just went on a date with What's-her-name.

3 stars
Overprotective Mom

Eric Neumann's mom is a little overprotective.

3 stars
Favorite Food Guessing Game

Eric Neumann guesses his password and it ain't easy.

5 stars
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