I like to eat, sing uncomfortably high, laugh and do yoga.

Fiely Matias


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3 stars
Advice From Asian Mom--Viewer Mail Edition 1

So many people, they write me and ask for adbice..so I tell them send me bideo and I answer okay.

3 stars
Advice From Asian Mom 2.0

She just can't stop the fountain of knowledge from spewing out of her mouth. Listen and heal today.

3 stars
Advice from Asian Mom

When you need guidance turn to your Asian Mom...don't have one...no worries...she's videotaped a special message for you.

3 stars
"Karate Looks better On Asians"

Yups it's what i think of when i watch a Chuck Norris Film and when i saw the preview of the remake "The Karate Kid" starring the spawn of Will Smith.

3 stars
"It's The Fiely Show" promo teaser

Hayyy y'all...it's the first ever Asian American fueled sketch comedy show from the mind of Fiely Matias. The silliness premieres April 16th 2010 here's the first teaser..filmed in Black, White and Yellow.

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