When college doesn’t appeal to you, you can’t find a good job, and you have a hard time passing drug tests, you’re really only left with one career option, stand-up comedy. Geoff Tate discovered this life path only a few short years ago but is already making it work for him. He toured the country as part of the Comedy Central Live Presents' Mike Birbiglia's Secret Public Journal Live, he appeared at The Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival, he's been on The Bob and Tom Show several times and appeared on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham.

Geoff "has a knack for mining his own personal history for big laughs" (The Capital Times, Madison, WI) and his style has been compared to the late Mitch Hedberg (The Columbus Dispatch, Columbus, OH).

Geoff Tate


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Geoff Tate loves his beer one way and one way only...Cold!

5 stars
I Think You've Had Enough...

Geoff Tate fantasizes about wielding his power as a server and taking it to the nth degree. You're sick, Geoff! And we love it, sir!

5 stars
Pink Shirt Jealousy

Geoff Tate doesn't wear pink shirts. They don't sell those where he shops.

5 stars
Evolution Evidence

Geoff Tate believes in evolution.

5 stars
Jason Collins Coming Out

Geoff Tate on Jason Collins coming out.

5 stars
Proprietary Education

Geoff Tate on proprietary parts.

5 stars
Jodi Foster

Geoff Tate remembers John Hinkley Jr.

5 stars

Geoff Tate has his own ideas about what it means to party.

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