In every band theres always that one dude that clearly stops at nothing to have a good time and always makes sure that the people around him are laughing and having fun;well, that guy was me. People would always tell me everywhere I went that I should get into comedy but I just shrugged it off and couldnt even conceive the idea of standing on stage alone without my buddies next to me. Next thing I know I'm writing funny tunes and playing them for my friends and family and getting laughs. So I start to do open mics with my guitar. A couple years after that and I find myself in the studio recording a full length comedy CD with songs, skits and phone calls and performing in Toronto,Montreal,Ottawa,Los Angeles and hopefully all over the world also. You won't find me serious all that often,laughing is so much more fun. Health and happiness to you.

Jack Dani

My Clips

3 stars

this is a song about a father and son who immigrate to Canada, and the little boy pleads with his father to return home where it is always warm.

4 stars

This is a song about losing one of the most beautiful things in the Universe.

5 stars

Carlos and Pedro sit at the kitchen table discussing Pedros first day at school.

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