The "Teddy Bear of Comedy" James Ervin Berry's likable personality, â??down-to-earthâ?? attitude and fun loving nature generates big laughs! He is a comedian who ENJOYS making an audience laugh...and it shows! Whether heâ??s performing at Comedy Clubs, Colleges, Corporate Events or Festivals his target is always the same--Funny Bones! Foot stompinâ??, hand clappinâ??, smile on your face laughter!!

His comedic style has been described as "observational, with an educated homespun feel." His "boy next door" charm creates an instant connection with mainstream audiences nationwide. One comedy club owner recently told us " James Ervin Berry now BEFORE he's untouchable!"

Teddy Bear of Comedy James Ervin Berry

My Clips

5 stars
Fan Of Country Music

James Ervin Berry has a good time with country music.

5 stars
30 Years Of Marriage

James Ervin Berry has a few things to say about marriage.

5 stars
Middle Lower Class Drink Ranking Orders

James Ervin Berry is breaking down social classes through beverage preference.

5 stars
Getting a Baby off of Craigslist

James Ervin Berry got a great deal on a CL baby.

5 stars
Banning Words

James Ervin Berry is a staunch advocate for freedom of speech.

5 stars
Family Members you Can't Stand

James Ervin Berry loves all his family equally. He hates them all.

5 stars
Playing Dominos With Black People

James Ervin Berry enjoys a thrilling game of dominos with African Americans.

5 stars
Marrying a White Woman

James Ervin Berry married a white woman because the only color that matters is a heart of gold!

5 stars
Cultural Diffusion Through Black Genitilia

James Ervin Berry is spreading the good word by spreading the good legs.

5 stars
Too Cold for Crime

James Ervin Berry puts on his fur coat and starts committing crimes...Like looking too damn good.

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