Kait Varkados has been performing for audiences around the country for years. She is an award winning theater actress and has quickly impressed clubs and audiences with her offbeat, observational stand up. She's an adopted twin... And that's only the beginning of the experiences she draws on for her delightfully unusual tales. Come along for the ride, there's a hug at the end! The hug is more for her than you.

Kait Varkados


My Clips

3 stars
3 stars
Dating Older Guys

Kait Varkados knows how to spice up her relationships with older men.

4 stars
Japanese Robots

Kait Varkados delivers her own rendition of the classic children's' story The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

4 stars
Benefits of Teaching

Kait Varkados explains some of the lesser-known advantages of being a teacher.

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