Kenny Smith is a young comedian on the rise... just ask him, he'll tell ya. Already a favorite on the college circuit, Smith has been working hard making a name for himself in comedy clubs across the country, while at the same time always keeping his eyes open for any television opportunities that may come along. Young, fresh, loaded with energy, and just a lot of fun to be around, Kenny Smith is a guy who knows how to stir things up and keep audiences roaring with laughter.

Kenny Smith

My Clips

3 stars
My Bad

People get mad when you say you are sorry.

3 stars
3 stars
Asian Karate Chops

Kenny Smith is showing off his sweet karate moves.

3 stars
Being 40 and Free Back Cracks

Kenny Smith sounds like bubble wrap.

3 stars

Kenny Smith is dropping those "k" words.

5 stars
Day Drinking and Day Healing

Kenny Smith is calling on the powers of the great beyond to heal his tired body, wrought with the poison of the devil's brew!

4 stars
3 stars
3 stars
3 stars
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