As one of six children raised in a middle class family Marc learned early on that you get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. While he never did figure out what he was supposed to do with the flies, that large family environment did teach Marc to keep a close eye on the world around him. Marc began to enjoy arming himself for conversations with his older siblings and still managed to revel in the joy of playing with the younger ones. Still a child at heart, Marc's humor reflects that easy lovable style giving audiences the chance to relate by looking back at what could've been their own experiences, taking a humorous look at the weird world we live in today and all the while laughing easily as they see life through the eyes of that funny kid from the family next door, that comedian who gets it, Marc Mulvey.

Marc Mulvey

My Clips

5 stars

Marc's take on church, marriage and the pope's hat

5 stars
The Dentist

Marc Mulvey's take on dentistry and doctors

5 stars
Irish Potatoes

Marc Mulvey talks about how the Irish got to the US, potato farming and bragging rights.

5 stars
Irish Pride

My thoughts on my irish heritage

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