Watch Matt Bachus perform his stand up comedy at the world famous Crackers Comedy Club

Matt Bachus

My Clips

5 stars
Bragging Friends

Matt Bachus questions what his friends take pride in.

3 stars
Summer Girls

Matt Bachus yearns for the girls of summer.

3 stars
Long Time to be Unhappy

Matt Bachus explains why his is perplexed that his friends marry so young!

3 stars
Karma Accident

Matt Bachus tells the story of getting in a car accident, and how he now has good karma coming his way.

3 stars
Advantages to Divorce

Matt Bachus knows how to use his parents divorce to his advantage. But sometimes it catches up with up.

3 stars
Hospital Selfie

Matt Bachus is sexting his way to a brighter tomorrow.

5 stars
Not Going to College

Matt Bachus didn't attend college but that hasn't kept him out of the freshman dorms.

5 stars
Herpes Is Real

Matt Bachus is a health and family living educator.

5 stars
Bieber Hate

Matt Bachus explores Justin Bieber's demographic.

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