Matt is a tall guy with tall thoughts. Sometimes these thoughts try to make it through the door and they bump their poor heads.

Matt emcees at Crackers Comedy Clubs in Indianapolis. He is also the host and creator of the YouTube late-night talk show sensation The Matt Clemens Show which you can watch here:

Matt Clemens

My Clips

3 stars
Cool Book I Found

Matt Clemens found an interesting book. Well, maybe he didn't. But the story he tells is hilarious!

3 stars
Where I Am in Life

Matt Clemens goes out of his way to let us know where is he in his life.

3 stars
Big Trouble in Little Chyna

Matt Clemens has a girlfriend, Chyna, who used to be an exotic dancer. This means that Chyna is a great source of material.

5 stars
My Girlfriend, Chyna

Matt Clemens has a girlfriend named Chyna and she sounds AWESOME!

3 stars
The Promise Tree

Matt Clemens tells us about a promise tree.

4 stars
Sword Knowledge

Matt Clemens knows a thing or two about a sword.

5 stars
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