You can catch Matt Lieb's comedy all over the San Francisco Bay Area!

Matt Lieb

My Clips

3 stars
Good Karma

Matt Lieb talks about his new understanding of karma, performed live at Mi's Westside Comedy Theater on September 11, 2015.

5 stars
How Come?

Matt Lieb plays games with Google.

5 stars
Repressed Parts Of The Mind

Matt Lieb delves deep into human sexuality.

3 stars
A San Francisco Hipster

Matt Lieb is the hippest hipster.

2 stars
Obama and My Penis

Matt Lieb has one hell of a penis!

5 stars
Detained by Israeli Security

Matt Lieb was detained by Israeli security.

5 stars
Obama And My Penis

Obama and my penis have a lot in common.

Staff Pick 4 stars
Detained By Israeli Security

Here is a true account of me being detained at LAX because Israeli security read through my comedy notebook

5 stars
My Hipster Joke Makes Someone Sad

Sometimes this joke makes people sad.

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