Michael Thorne is an amalgam of culture & white trash raised in a burrough of Minneapolis apty nick named "Nordeast".

"I may only have a GED.... But it's framed in Mahogany".

He has brought his hilarious insights on evolution, human relations, marriage & parenthood to back-woods bar rooms, colleges, casinos, corporate banquet rooms, fire houses & 'A' List comedy clubs from coast to coast & border to border grabbing the attention of LA talent agents & network execs who urged him to move away from Minnesota to further his career. But he prefers the Midwestern family life. Let him take you through the highs and lows of it all on a highly caffinated and wildly funny diatribe.

Michael Thorne


My Clips

3 stars
GPS Systems3

Michael Thorne is getting bossed around by his GPS.

3 stars
Drive Thru Wedding3

Michael Thorne says "I do," to drive thru weddings.

3 stars
Truly American Restaurant3

Michael Thorne breaks down cultural barriers with fusion cuisine.

3 stars
Older Lovemaking

Michael Thorne informs us that lube has an expiration date. I did not know that.

3 stars
Melting Pot

Michael Thorne is swimming in the melting pot and it's nice and warm.

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