Mike has performed his comedy to national audiences on NBC's <i>The Tonight Show with Jay Leno</i>, <i>Late Night With Conan O' Brien</i>, Comedy Central, and VH-1's<i> Stand-up Stand-up</i>. He also hosted and co-wrote <i>The Straight Dope</i> on A&E and has been featured on MTV.<br>

He is a regular performer in some of the top clubs in the country and tours the world as a member of The Second City National Touring Company.

Mike Lukas

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My Clips

4 stars
Baby Monitor v2

MIke Lukas is enjoying being on the other end of a baby monitor.

3 stars
Nipple Biter

Mike Lukas is sensitive to every aspect of motherhood.

5 stars
Married for 50 Years

Mike Lukas is celebrating his 10th anniversary of his "Couple who have been married for 50 years" impression.

4 stars
Cleveland Browns and Pole Holders

Mike Lukas puts himself in another persons turf shoes.

3 stars
Willowick Gangster

Mike Lukas joins the official Willowick Gangsters and everyone is pumped on his gangster flow.

3 stars
Noises Women Make

Mike Lukas can be coaxed into making the primal sounds of the human female woman with very little incentive. Maybe with just like, a little piece of bacon er somethin.

5 stars
Noises Men Make

Mike Lukas beats his chest and honors the warriors before him. He will lead the tribe to a better life.

5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
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