A native of St. Louis, Mike MacRae moved to Houston in 1995 where he first started performing comedy at local college events. After graduating from Rice University in 1999, Mike started performing at the legendary Houston Laff Stop, where he soon developed his trademark blend of insightful social and cultural commentary with uncanny, unique impressions. In 2001, Mike made his television debut on Comedy Central's "Premium Blend", and in 2002 was selected 'Best Local Comedian' by the Houston Press. He is also a regular on the syndicated morning radio program 'The Bob and Tom Show', and provided two tracks for their latest CD release. Mike is a favorite feature act in comedy clubs all over the country, and has lent his distinctive voice to dozens of popular anime cartoons. When he isn't performing solo, he unites, Voltron-style, with five other Houston comics to form the infamous Whiskey Brothers. Mike MacRae would never, ever, under any circumstances describe himself as 'edgy.'

Mike MacRae


My Clips

3 stars
Don't Use Your Phone in the Front Row

Mike MacRae is interrupted by a discourteous audience member and for once, it isn't his ex-girlfriend, Sheila.

3 stars
Cannibal Rat Ghost Ship

Mike MacRae captains a a cannibal rat ghost ship and is know as "King Monkey Rat," by his crew of rag tag cannibal rats.

3 stars
Is There A Doctor On The Plane?

Mike MacRae jumps into action as a "doctor," because he's seen too many episodes of Grey's Anatomy.

3 stars
Advocating One Amendment

Mike MacRae is anticipating getting murdered. He better start packing some heat.

4 stars
Choke It Out PSA

Mike MacRae is strangle-bating the night away as Patrick Stewart.

5 stars
You Had to Get a Boat

Mike MacRae explains why the boat you want will become a bone of contention.

3 stars
Villainous Scientists

Mike MacRae with a scathing but undeniable claim that scientists are evil.

5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
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